Most of the Arctic, like most of the world, is commonly owned. With ownership comes the obligation to manage our resources for the benefit of the total. To do that, we must understand the reality, the richness, and the responsibility of the North.

– Governor Walter J. Hickel, Founder

Week of the Arctic

The Arctic is front and center in peoples’ minds—increased maritime traffic and new opportunities for development have brought about more reasons to understand and work toward safe and secure operations both on land and off Alaska’s coast. To help Alaskans understand these critical challenges and issues at stake in the Arctic, the Institute has been convening the Week of the Arctic since 2011. Each year, events draw over 600 participants to learn about and discuss a variety of key Arctic issues.

Week of the Arctic events are varied in form to reach different audiences and to achieve multiple goals; formats include presentations, roundtable discussions and workshops. Issues that will be addressed include: