Most of the Arctic, like most of the world, is commonly owned. With ownership comes the obligation to manage our resources for the benefit of the total. To do that, we must understand the reality, the richness, and the responsibility of the North.

– Governor Walter J. Hickel, Founder

Circumpolar Policy Tours

The Institute of the North has hosted productive and meaningful visits for Alaska’s leaders to neighboring Arctic states over the last five years with delegations visiting Norway, Iceland, Finland, Greenland, and to Chukotka.

Policy tours provide the opportunity to examine energy, resource and economic development lessons and best practices from northern nations while also sharing Alaska's interests and perspectives with international northern leaders. Participants bring new ideas and opportunities back to the state.

The 2016 Russia Policy Tour will feature visits to Moscow and Murmansk, and to relevant Arctic, economic development, shipping, energy and research organizations.

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Meetings, lodging, group meals and in-country travel will be arranged by the Institute of the North in collaboration with our partners in Russia. Travel to and from Russia should be arranged independently.

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