Most of the Arctic, like most of the world, is commonly owned. With ownership comes the obligation to manage our resources for the benefit of the total. To do that, we must understand the reality, the richness, and the responsibility of the North.

– Governor Walter J. Hickel, Founder


Arctic Fisheries are becoming increasingly significant. As fish stocks continue to move north, the apparent result of climate change, the importance of engaging international partners, fisheries scientists, and the policy makers in discussions of conservation and management of future fisheries in the Artic Ocean are of utmost concern.


The Institute of the North, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State, and a myriad of other state and national organizations hosted the International Arctic Fisheries Symposium, in which 180 delegates from eight nations met in Anchorage on October 19-21, 2009 to discuss the conservation of fish stocks and the potential for future fisheries management in the Arctic Ocean.