Most of the Arctic, like most of the world, is commonly owned. With ownership comes the obligation to manage our resources for the benefit of the total. To do that, we must understand the reality, the richness, and the responsibility of the North.

– Governor Walter J. Hickel, Founder

Register Now for Northern Airships Workshop

The Institute of the North is pleased to announce At the Crossroads of Practice and Policy: Commercial Application for Northern Airships in Anchorage, Alaska from July 31 through August 2, 2012.

The workshop will be organized around a few principal topics:

    Addressing state regulatory and policy issues
    Introduction of cargo airship developers and vehicles
    Understanding the environment of northern operations
    Funding for airship development and deployment

The first two days will build on the discussions and efforts that were launched at last year’s cargo airship workshop. We will address how best to bridge the remaining challenges and opportunities associated with bringing this yet to be exploited air transportation system to full deployment in northern operations. The optional final day will offer the opportunity to take part in a variety of local site visits—more information and pricing will be available soon.

Register or learn more about the workshop here.